New Adult Nonfiction, September 2020

14 miles : building the border wall / DW Gibson.
Appalachian fall : dispatches from coal country on what’s ailing America / Jeff Young and the Ohio Valley ReSource.
Baseless : my search for secrets in the ruins of the Freedom of Information Act / Nicholson Baker.
Bezonomics : how Amazon is changing our lives, and what the world’s best companies are learning from it / Brian Dumaine.
Big friendship : how we keep each other close / Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman.
The Bohemians : the lovers who led Germany’s resistance against the Nazis / Norman Ohler   translated from the German by Tim Mohr and Marshall Yarbrough.
Borges and me : an encounter / Jay Parini.
Break ’em up : recovering our freedom from big ag, big tech, and big money / Zephyr Teachout   foreword by Senator Bernie Sanders.
Break it up : secession, division, and the secret history of America’s imperfect union / Richard Kreitner
The butterfly effect : insects and the making of the modern world / Edward D. Melillo.
City at the edge of forever : Los Angeles reimagined / Peter Lunenfeld.
Clean : the new science of skin / James Hamblin.
The cold vanish : seeking the missing in North America’s wildlands / Jon Billman.
Countdown 1945 : the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the world / Chris Wallace with Mitch Weiss.
COVID-19 : the pandemic that never should have happened and how to stop the next one / Debora Mackenzie.
Craigslist confessional : a collection of secrets from anonymous strangers / Helena Dea Bala.
Demagogue : the life and long shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy / Larry Tye.
Don’t overthink it : make easier decisions, stop second-guessing, and bring more joy to your life / Anne Bogel.
Eat the Buddha : life and death in a Tibetan town / by Barbara Demick.
Ellis Island : a people’s history / Malgorzata Szejnert.
Entitled : how male privilege hurts women / Kate Manne.
Fallout : the Hiroshima cover-up and the reporter who revealed it to the world / Lesley M. M. Blume.
A furious sky : the five-hundred-year history of America’s hurricanes / Eric Jay Dolin.
Ghost flames.
Grasp : the science transforming how we learn / Sanjay Sarma with Luke Yoquinto.
Hell in the heartland : murder, meth, and the case of two missing girls / Jax Miller.
How we live now : scenes from the pandemic / Bill Hayes.
I got a monster : the rise and fall of America’s most corrupt police squad / Baynard Woods and Brandon Soderberg.
In Deep : the FBI, the CIA, and the truth about America’s  deep state  / David Rohde.
Intimations : six essays / Zadie Smith.
Is rape a crime? : a memoir, an investigation, and a manifesto / Michelle Bowdler.
A lab of one’s own : one woman’s personal journey through sexism in science / Rita Colwell, PhD, and Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.
The last stargazers : the enduring story of astronomy’s vanishing explorers / Emily Levesque.
Life of a Klansman : a family history in white supremacy / Edward Ball.
Livewired : the inside story of the ever-changing brain / David Eagleman.
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist
A more perfect reunion : race, integration, and the future of America / Calvin Baker.
Nothing is wrong and here is why : essays / Alexandra Petri.
The organ thieves : the shocking story of the first heart transplant in the segregated south / Chip Jones.
Owls of the Eastern ice : a quest to find and save the world’s largest owl / Jonathan C. Slaught.
Perilous bounty : the looming collapse of American farming and how we can prevent it / Tom Philpott.
Poland 1939 : the outbreak of World War II / Roger Moorhouse.
Reaganland : America’s right turn, 1976-1980 / Rick Perlstein.
Reimagining capitalism in a world on fire / Rebecca Henderson.
Rigged : America, Russia, and one hundred years of covert electoral interference / David Shimer.
The rules of contagion : why things spread – and why they stop / Adam Kucharski.
The saddest words : William Faulkner’s Civil War.
Separated : inside an American tragedy / Jacob Soboroff.
Six days in August : the story of Stockholm syndrome / David King.
Soul full of coal dust : a fight for breath and justice in Appalachia / Chris Hamby.
Spirits of Latin America : a celebration of culture & cocktails, with 100 recipes from Leyenda & beyond / Ivy MIx   with James Carpenter   photographs by Shannon Sturgis.
Superman’s Not Coming : Our National Water Crisis and What We the People Can Do About It.
To start a war : how the Bush Administration took America into Iraq / Robert Draper.
Too much and never enough : how my family created the world’s most dangerous man / Mary L. Trump, PhD.
Twilight of democracy : the seductive lure of authoritarianism / Anne Applebaum.
Unacceptable : privilege, deceit & the making of the college admissions scandal / Melissa Korn and Jennifer Levitz.
The unidentified : mythical monsters, alien encounters, and our obsession with the unexplained / Colin Dickey.
Vesper flights : new and collected essays / Helen Macdonald.
A voyage across an ancient ocean : a bicycle journey through the northern dominion of oil.
Waiting for an echo : the madness of American incarceration / Christine Montross, M.D.
Wandering in strange lands : a daughter of the Great Migration reclaims her roots / Morgan Jerkins.
The well-gardened mind : the restorative power of nature / Sue Stuart-Smith.
When time stopped : a memoir of my father’s war and what remains / Ariana Neumann.
White fragility : why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism / Robin DiAngelo.
White too long : the legacy of white supremacy in American Christianity / Robert P. Jones.
You’re fired : the perfect guide to beating Donald Trump / Paul Begala.