Getting a Library Card

    With your free Case Memorial Library card you can borrow materials, download e-books, access premium databases, and much more!

    Go to the Library

    To get a Case Memorial Library card, you must be a resident of Orange. If you live elsewhere in Connecticut you can use your up-to-date hometown public library card to borrow materials from the Case Memorial Library after completing a simple registration process.

    Show a picture identification and proof of Orange residence

    Your picture identification should be valid and include your current home address. Examples of acceptable picture identification include:

    • A driver’s license or state identification
    • A passport
    • A military identification
    • A resident alien card (green card)
    • A student identification

    If your picture identification does not have your current address, then please also bring one of the items listed below. The item needs to have your name and current address and should be dated within the past 60 days:

    • A lease agreement for your home
    • A utility bill
    • Printed checks with your current address on them (no starter checks)
    • Pay check or stub
    • An Orange property tax bill or receipt
    • Change of Address Order Confirmation from the United States Postal Service
    • Business or legal correspondence with a mechanically generated address label

    Children can get Library cards too

    To get your child a library card, you, as a parent or legal guardian, will need to show a picture identification and prove your current address. There is no age requirement for a child to get a library card; however, the child must be present to receive one.

    Pre-register and save time!

    Have fun!

    Enjoy all the books, movies, music, and more that your new library card provides!