About Interlibrary Loan

Who May Use This Service: The staff will place interlibrary loan requests for any user of the Case Memorial Library. This service is extended to all patrons regardless of age or place of residence. The Library reserves the right to deny interlibrary loans services to any patron with outstanding overdue fines, lost or damaged item charges, or other infractions on his or her borrowing record, including the abuse of interlibrary loan privileges.

Materials Eligible and Ineligible for Interlibrary Loan Requests: The library will request any and all materials, with the following exceptions:

  • Items that are owned by the Case Memorial Library or any library in the LION consortium (staff may make exceptions for items that are temporarily unavailable for reasons such as “Missing.”)
  • Items that are on order in the Case Memorial Library or any library in the LION consortium.
  • Items that the Case Memorial Library would not lend to requesting libraries including, but not limited to: items published or released within the last 6 months and DVDs.
  • Items that are classified as Reference in their home libraries.
  • Items that are local historical or genealogical materials in their home libraries.
  • Items that are located in out-of-state libraries.

Items listed on the New York Times Bestseller List, recent award winners, and audiovisual materials are particularly difficult to obtain.

Fees: For in-state interlibrary loans, the Library will not charge for obtaining items, however, all interlibrary loan materials are subject to overdue fines. Items will not be requested if the lending institution imposes a fee.

Making Interlibrary Loan Requests:  Staff-mediated interlibrary loan requests are initiated when a patron requests a specific title that is not available through any library in the LION consortium. Patrons may also place their own interlibrary loan requests using the State Library Catalog.

Request Limits: A patron may have up to six interlibrary loan requests active at the same time. Active requests include those that are pending, have been shipped to, or have been received by the Case Memorial Library.

Waiting Time: The time required to receive interlibrary loan items can vary between two and four weeks, though some requests may take more or less time. If an item requested is needed immediately, it is recommended that the patron visit the owning library to pick up the material directly.

Pick-Up: Interlibrary loan materials obtained by the Case Memorial Library are here for a limited time. Therefore, the patron’s cooperation in picking up materials promptly is requested. Interlibrary loan materials not picked up within three business days of patron notification may be returned to the lending institution.

Loan Periods and Renewals: The length of time an interlibrary loan item is loaned to this library is determined by the lending institution. Loan periods can vary greatly. Patrons are warned that some interlibrary loan materials may not be renewable. Renewals of items beyond the loan period specified by the lending institution must be requested by the Case Memorial Library staff and approved in advance by the lending institution.

Returns: Patrons who borrow interlibrary loan materials obtained by the Case Memorial Library must return the items here, not directly to the lending institution or any other library.