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Weekly Newspaper May Result From Survey Now Being Made
Bethany Printer Seeks Information from Townspeople
Bethany, Conn., Oct. 16 -- George D. Vaill, proprietor of The Bethany Press, announced today that he is ready to proceed with the publication of a weekly newspaper serving the towns of Bethany and Woodbridge -- provided the people of the two communities express a desire to have such a paper and a willingness to support it.
News Coverage Now Limited
"A newspaper devoted to the interests of these two areas has long been needed," Vaill said. "The news coverage given us by nearby daily papers has been extremely limited, and many local matters, of vital interest to our townspeople, have been either completely unreported or given merely passing mention."
To Report Local Affairs
The proposed new weekly is planned as a vehicle for the reporting of local news and as a medium for the exchange of ideas and opinions on issues of a strictly local character.
The paper will report on all events of general interest, such as town meetings, caucuses and elections, committee hearings, games, and entertainments. It will carry news and notices of the various organizations -- the churches and their societies, the
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Readers Asked To Mail Return Cards Promptly
Included with this announcement is an addressed government postal card which, it is hoped, will expedite completion of the survey being made. It will be greatly appreciated if you will fill out and mail your card as soon as possible.
Even if you are not interested in a Bethany-Woodbridge newspaper, please return the card anyway, so that the "voting" will represent a complete expression of opinion.
Indicating that you would be willing to subscribe does not involve you in any commitment or obligation whatsoever. You don't even have to sign the card if you prefer not to. Please, however, be sure to indicate whether you live in Bethany or Woodbridge.
If you should lose your card, or if you wish to discuss some aspect of the proposed paper, offer a suggestion, express an opinion, or make an inquiry, you may call me at 3-1682.
George D. Vaill

Paper's Size And Format Undecided
Number Of Pages, Methods Of Production Yet To Be Determined
Since The Amity Star is still in the planning stage and its potential strength is unknown, no definite decision has yet been made regarding its page-size, general format, or number of pages. The final choice in these matters will be determined by the interest shown by both subscribers and advertisers, as well as by the amount of news available for publication.
Obsolete Methods Used
This leaflet which you are reading has been entirely hand-set with miscellaneous type-faces (some of them very old and badly worn) and hand-fed to an ancient platen press at the home of The Bethany Press. This printing establishment was founded in 1883 by the late John E. Hinman, and much of the equipment in the shop dates from the latter years of the 19th Century.
May Use Photo-Offset
The Amity Star will be produced by more modern methods, involving the use of machine-set type and automatic-press printing. The photo-offset lithography process may be the best medium for this sort of paper.
It should be borne in mind, therefore, that this present manifestation is not truly representative of the weekly as it will eventually appear.