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Town Meeting Takes Action To Help B.V.F.A.
$20,000 Loan Will Expedite Construction of New Firehouse; Rent Controls, Roads Also Receive Attention
Builders Must Get Permits
A Special Town Meeting was held at the Bethany Town Hall on Novembe r20, with nearly 100 persons present. Arthur H. Kinney presided as Moderator. The five items of business included in the call were disposed of as follows:
Item 1: A resolution was offered to provide that the Town deed to the Bethany Volunteer Firemen's Association the land now occupied by the Association; that the Town loan the sum of $20,000 to the Association (in return for a note secured by a mortgage on the property) to assist in the building and equipping of a new firehouse, the balance of the cost to be paid out of funds already raised by the Fire Department through carnivals, dances, and other activities; and that the Selectmen be authorized to borrow the $20,000 on the Town's Credit.
Chief Explains Need
Chief Edward H. Hinman explained the Department's need for larger and better quarters and described briefly the plans for the new building. There being no further remarks or questions from the floor, the resolution was passed by a voice vote, with no votes in opposition being recorded.
Land Conveyance Voted
Item 2 concerned the conveyance to Wallace S. and Ella L. Saxton of that portion of the site of the old Hilldale Road the use of which was discontinued when the Saxtons gave the Town the land on which the new portion of that road was constructed. Constable George Howard took the floor to explain that the resolution involved merely a land title question and had been brought before a Town Meeting only because the land was to be conveyed to the First Selectman. A unanimous voice vote disposed of the matter.
Federal Rent Control Out
Item 3 was a resolution to continue Federal Rent Control in the Town of Bethany from December 31, 1950, to
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Teen-Agers Hold Square Dance At School Tonight
The Bethany Teen-Agers have announced that they will hold a square dance, for Bethany residents and their guests only, on Friday evening, December 1, from nine to twelve, at the Bethany Community School.
Arthur L. Simpson will be the caller and will direct the musical efforts of the Bethany Symphony Orchestra. The committee, headed by Kay Harrison, includes Jane Carlson, Helen Santoro, Judy Svirsky, and Russell Jackson.
The admission charge will be 50 [cents], tax included.

Elected to the State Legislature on Nov. 7
Clifford W. Wilcox
Bethany's newly-elected Representative to the State Legislature, Clifford W. Wilcox, is today celebrating his 59th birthday. He was born in New Haven on December 1, 1891.
Joined Bank in 1909
After attending the Westville Grammar School (where he was a school-mate of Representative Hitchcock of Woodbridge) and New Haven High School, Mr. Wilcox entered the employ of the First National Bank and Trust Company as a messenger in 1909. He served successively as filing-clerk, bookkeeper, Assistant Cashier, and Assistant Vice-President, from which position he was retired in January of this year.
Active in Town Affairs
Moving his residence to Bethany in 1926, Mr. Wilcox immediately became actively interested in Town affairs. He served as Town Auditor for many years, and has frequently been called upon to exercise his financial knowledge and skill as Treasurer -- of the Republican Town Committee, of the Regional High School Committee (until its dissolution several years ago), and of the Town of Bethany (since 1948). For ten years he was also Treasurer of the Union League Club in New Haven. His knowledge of banking should make him as valuable to the State Legislature as his knowledge of this Town will make his services valuable to the people whom he represents.
Succeeds S. H. Downs
Mr. Wilcox, who defeated the Democratic candidate, Robert H. Halpin, on November 7, succeeds Stanley H.
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Chester C. Hitchcock
Chester C. Hitchcock, recently reelected to the Legislature, was born in Woodbridge on September 25, 1889. He first attended school in this town and later (with Bethany's Representative Wilcox) went to the Westville Grammar School. For three years he was employed in the hardward store of James Peck in Westville and thereafter for some time was with the meat-packing firm of Strong, Barnes & Hart.
Began Farming in 1909
Upon the death of his father in 1909, Mr. Hitchcock returned to Woodbridge and assumed the management of the dairy farm, which he continued to operate until his retirement in 1947. Since that time, he states, he has acted only as a 'repairman' around the farm and at his shore cottage.
Active In Community
Mr. Hitchcock has been an active public servant in the Town of Woodbridge. He was Chairman of the School Board for three years and of the Republican Town Committee for two, in 1934 he wsa chosen Second Selectman, and from 1935 to 1948 served as First Selectman. He is Treasurer of the Woodbridge Welfare Association, a Member of the Zoning and Town Plan Commission, and an Honorary Member of the Woodbridge Park Association. He belongs to the Amity and Bethany Historical Association, the Woodbridge Men's Club, the Grange, and the Masons.
Wins Fourth Term
Running against Mrs. Clare F. Clarke, Democratic candidate, Mr. Hitchcock
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Voters Act on Four Items at Town Meeting
Town Dump Reserved for Tin Cans and Ashes; School Grant of $59,242 Accepted; Federal Rent Controls Continued
Increase Collector's Fund
Citizens of the Town of
Woodbridge gathered at the Town Hall on Tuesday, November 14, for a Special Town Meeting and Special Budget Meeting. The proceedings opened at 8:00 P.M., with L. Gordon Colby, Jr., presiding as Moderator.
Town Dump Discussed
First Selectman Theodore R. Clark called attention to the fact that the Town Dump, established during the war as a temporary depository for waste, has become a menace to health and a fire hazard because of its general use as a dumping-place for combustible materials and other refuse. A resolution was then passed establishing an ordinance to forbit the dumping, in the Town Dump, of any material other than tin cans and ashes. Additional [pro?]visions were also passed in regard to the present ordinance which forbids the dumping of refuse along the Town's roads.
School Grant Voted
The meeting also voted to accept a State school building grant of $59,242, which is to be applied, over a nine-year period, to the building cost of the new annex to the Center School, which has totaled nearly $178,000.
Rent Controls Continued
A vote was then passed to continue Federal Rent Controls in Woodbridge from the present expiration date, December 31, until the termination of the existing Federal Act, an additional sixteen months' period. This action wsa taken to prevent the Town's automatically becoaming subject to State controls, which are more complex and more expensive to administer. About 40 rents are affected in this Town.
Change Fund In[...]
A resolution wa[...]
vide an increas[...]
the Tax Colle[...]
The meet[...]
9:00 P.M.

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