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Firemen of Three Towns Active Socially and Professionally
Annual Dances, Banquets, and Bingo Games Furnish Relief from Rash of Grass Fires
The fire departments of Bethany, Woodbridge, and Orange are enjoying a busy season socially, as well as professionally.
Orange Dance
Last Saturday night the Orange Fire Department held its Annual Ball at the Race Brook Club, with nearly 100 couples in attendance. Chairman Axel Peteron's committee on arrangements included 1st Lieutenant Harry Torcellini, Clayton Pilbro, and Walter Plummer.
Woodbridge Dance
Tomorrow evening the Woodbridge Department will hold its 16th Annual Ball at the Town Hall. George Beaton and his Orchestra will play for dancing form 9:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M. The public is cordially invited to attend, and all visiting firemen in uniform will be admitted free of charge. Charman Raymond E. Westlund, Jr., has as his assistants on the committee Raymonod H. Hobart, James Melbourne, Albert Schilf, Charles W. Whiting, Leonard C. Whiting, Jr., Robert Dunn, and Edward C. Fellows. Wayne Bell, originally chosen as a member of this group, has since been called into service and is at the Naval Training Station at Newport, Rhode Island.
Bethany Bingo
The Bethany Fire Department joins the social whirl on Saturday evening with a Bingo Party at the Bethany Town Hall. Many interesting prizes will be awarded, including a mystery Door Prize. Frederic E. Cunningham and Frank J. Murray will be in charge of the proceedings.
Busy Weekend
From the standpoint of the volunteer fireman's amateur profession, the weekend was a busy one. In addition to several alarms on Saturday, the Orange firemen fought three serious grass fires on Sunday, on Treat Road, Mapledale Avenue, and Race Brook Road.
Two in Woodbridge
Fifteen men and two trucks of the Woodbridge Department responded to a call at 9:20 on Sunday morning for a grass fire on property of Roy Miner on Race Brook Road, and at 12:30 they were summoned to the Fred Lockyer home on Rimmon Road for a similar blaze.
Bethany Has Three
On Sunday morning the Bethany Department extinguished a blaze which burned over about a quarter-acre on the Wrozina and Dickerman properties on Northrup Road. At about noon another call was answered, for a serious fire at the David Black residence on the Litchfield Turnpike, where about an acre of ground was burned. Late in the afternoon there was a third alarm, for a fire at the home of Frank E. Vancour (the Noel property) on Litchfield Turnpike. There was some confusion in the report of the fire's location, and the flames had been extinguished before the trucks arrived at the scene. A small plot of lawn was burned over. In addition to
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Real "Visiting Firemen"
Guests at the Orange Fire Department's Annual Ball: Woodbridge Fire Captain Albert Schilf and Mrs. Schilf, at left, and former Bethany Fire Chief O. D. Crooker and Mrs. Crooker, at right. They were among the crowd of nearly 200 who danced at the Race Brook Country Club last Saturday evening.

Bethany Notes
Pfc. George Jackson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Jackson of Sperry Road, spent a weekend furlough at his home, returning by bus to Camp Pickett, Virginia, on Sunday morning. He has just completed a course in radio maintenance at Fort Benning, Georgia.
Miss Iris Scott, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Herman Scott, of Fairwood Road, attended the Junior-Senior Prom at the Hopkins Grammar School last Saturday evening.
On February 25, the Holy Communion Service at Christ Church was celebrated by the Reverend James T. Yang. Reverend Yang, who is well known in the area, hasa recently completed his course at Berkeley Divinity School and is leaving soon to undertake mission work in China.

March 1951
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B -- Bethany
O -- Orange
S -- Seymour
W -- Woodbridge
Thursday, March 1
All Towns -- Permits required for burining in the open; new automobile registrations in effect.
B -- Four Leaf Clover Club, home of Miss Kathryn Cartmell.
B -- Red Cross Fund meeting, home of Mrs. Theodore Sizer.
B -- Grange, Town Hall.
O -- Colony Club, home of Miss Barbara Welch.
S -- Talent Show auditions, High School, 7:00 P.M.
Friday, March 2
O -- First Aid Class, Center School.
W -- Firemen's Annual Ball, Town Hall, 9:00 P.M.
Saturday, March 3
All Towns -- Farm Bureau 4-H meeting, Middletown.
B -- Bingo, Town Hall, auspices Fire Dept., 8:00 P.M.
B -- Basketball: Bethany Boys vs. Montowese Baptists, New Haven YMCA.
W-- Bowling: afternoon, high school group, Westville Masonic Temple; evening, W. Club vs. High Lane Club, Westville Masonic Temple and High Lane Club alleys, Spring Glen.
Sunday, March 4
B -- Mr. Iverson Graham, First Church of Christ, "Lenten Parables." Young People's Fellowship, 7:00 P.M. Clark Memorial Library.
O -- Rev. Mr. Lewis E. Purdum, Congregational Church, "The Pure in Heart." Young People's Forum, Church 7:00 P.M.
W -- Rev. Mr. Francis P. Randall, First Church of Christ, "The Power of the Gospel." Young People's meeting, Church, 6:00 P.M.
Monday, March 5
O -- Town Meeting, Center School 8:00 P.M.
S -- Schools reopen.
Tuesday, March 6
B -- Jolly Juniors 4-H, home of Miss Susan Vaill.
O -- Girls' 4-H, home Mrs. F. J. Hine.
O & W -- Joint Garden Club meeting, Woodbridge Town Hall, 2:00 P.M.
S -- "Seymour Day" on N. H. Railroad.
W -- Fashion Show models, preview on WHNC-TV, 6:30 P.M.
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Orange Will Hold Annual Town Meeting Next Monday Evening
The Annual (adjourned) Town Meeting of the Town of Orange will be held in the Center School Assembly Hall next Monday, March 5, beginning at 8:00 P.M. Action is scheduled to be taken on the annual budget for the Town, on the tax rate to be laid for the ensuing year, on the acceptance of a grant from the State School Building Commission, and on other items which appeared in the call for the original meeting last October. It is expected that the meeting will be largely attended.

Mardi Gras Committee
Members of the Committee which planned and directed the Mardi Gras Party at the Woodbridge Club last Saturday evening. Standing (l. to r.): Mrs. Eugene Cozzolino, Mrs. Richard Mack, Mrs. Thomas Seymour, Mrs. Adrian Van Sinderen, and Mrs. Seelye Vidal. In front (l. to r.): Mr. Mack, Mr. Seymour, and Dr. Cozzolino. At the extreme right are the hands of Mr. Vidal, who was otherwise inadvertently cut off by the inexpert cameraman.

Bethany, Orange, Woodbridge Residents Attend Legislative Hearing on Natural Gas Pipeline
A legislative hearing on eight bills affecting the laying of natural gas pipelines in Connecticut was held in the Hall of the House at the State Capitol at Hartford on Tuesday, February 20, before the General Assembly's Joint Committee on Public Utilities.
Large Crowd Attends
A standing-room-only crowd of about 450 persons turned out for the hearing, which lasted for over three and one-half hours. Many residents of Fairfield, New Haven, and Hartford Counties were present and demanded that natural gas pipeline companies be properly regulated (1) to insure the utmost safety in the construction, operation, and maintenance of their lines; (2) to prevent the ruthless condemnation of rights-of-way over private property; and (3) to guarantee the payment of adequate compensation for damages to property, including present loss in value and also future fair-market value of land involved.
No State Control
It was brought out at the hearing that, unlike other public utilities in Connecticut, the natural gas pipeline companies are not subject to any control by any State authority under the present law.
Prepared by Attorneys
Among those speaking in favor of the pipeline was a Mr. Wheeler, a member of the firm of Bridgeport attorneys who are retained by the Northeastern Gas Pipeline Company. Under direct questioning by the Committee Chairman, Mr. Wheeler admitted that the original act, granting rights of eminent domain to natural gas pipeline companies, passed by the March, 1950, Special Session of the General Assembly, was drawn up in his office. This revelation created quite a stir among those present at the heaering.
It was stated by Meade Alcorn, of Suffield, former State's Attorney for Hartford County, that there is a "great deal of mystery" surrounding the circumstances of the passage of the original bill, which was supported by Governor Bowles. He urged that the Legislature repeal the act and then begin all over again.
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Annual Red Cross Campaign Gets Off To Promising Start
The Woodbridge Chapter of the American Red Cross held its Annual meeting at the Town Hall last Wednesday afternoon. The meeting was also a Campaign Rally for the month-long fund drive which began today. Mrs. Charles T. Fyfe described the serivces of the Blood Bank. Mr. Percy T. Hammond stressed the need for meeting the 1951 goal in the Fund Drive, and Chief Kenneth Howland outlined the role of the Red Cross in Civil Defense.
Mrs. A. Scott Paterson is Chairman of the 1951 Red Cross Fund Drive.
The 1951 quota for the Red Cross drive which opens March 1 in Orange is $2,500. More than half of the money raised will remain in the Orange branch for local use. The increased activities in all branches of Red Cross necessitate a larger quota this year than ever before.
On a local level, Civil Defense holds the Red Cross responsible for all first aid, nurse's aid, accident prevention and water safety trining. The local branch is also a part of the Connecticut Blood Program, contributing a share of maintaining the Center in Hartford, as well as furnishing the setup for the bloodmobile on its semiannual visits to Orange. Home Service continues to serve veterans and active service men as well as their famiies.
The fund drive for the American Red Cross is under the direction of Mrs. Stanley B. Wright. The co-chairmen of the drive are Mrs. John Williams and Mrs. Thomas Wright. The committee who will assist them in making collections in the town will be announced later.
A meeting to plan the 1951 Red Cross drive will be held today at the home of Mrs. Theodore Sizer on the Litchfield Turnpike, as the Red Cross fund campaign gets underway.
Edward J. Worthington, Chairman of the Fund drive, urged the residents of the
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Woodbridge Notes
Mrs. Florence Etherington Trowbridge, of Bradley Highlands, died on Monday of this week. She leaves her husband, Theodore P. Torwbridge; three daughters, Mrs. Dorothy Ryan, Mrs. Florence Peterson, and Mrs. Clara Hodgetts; and a son, Ernest Trowbridge. The funeral was held yesterday at Camerlin and Rees's, with interment in the East Side Cemetary, Woodbridge.
Miss Josephine Marcucci and Miss Teresa Perrotti were models at the Fashion Show given by the St. Teresa Society of St. Anne's Parish on Tuesday, February 20.
Mrs. Newton H. Street, of Newton Road, is visiting with her sister, Miss Estelle Millspaugh, of Summit, New Jersey, for a week.