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Athletic Group May Vote To Buy Quonset Hut
At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the Bethany Athletic Association, at the home of President William Hoppe, three resolutions were adopted for discussion and possible action by the Association at its next regular meeting.
First, the Association will consider the purchase of a Quonset hut, in accordance with a recommendation made by the Field House Committee through its spokesman, Robert Love.
The second item concerns the present athletic field held under lease by the Association, located at the corner of Amity and Munson Roads. The members of the organization have spent a considerable amount of time and omney in developing and maintaining this field, and it has been hoped that it could be purchased from the owner, Harris Whittemore of Naugatuck. Warren Downs reported that the field is not available for purchase, however, but that the lease may be renewed. This action will be recommended to the Association.
The third question discussed was the possibility that a Little League may be formed among the towns of Bethany, Orange, and Woodbridge. If such a league is established, Bethany's share of the expense and cost of supporting a team would come to $200.00. It will be recommended that this sum be raised for the purpose.
Attending the meeting, in addition to those previously mentioned, were Vice-President Joe Holycross, Secretary Kendrick Gooch, Treasurer Malcolm Brinton, Bob Downs, and Harris Hoppe.

Mrs. Bertha H. Kinney "Star" Correspondent, Dies In N.H. Hospital
Bertha Haskell Kinney, wife of Arthur H. Kinney of Johnson Road, died Tuesday at the New Haven Hospital, to which she had been taken on Friday. Her death, which was unexpected, has come as a shock to her many friends in this area.
Mrs. Kinney was born in New Haven, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willabe Haskell. Her father had charge of the periodical reading room on the Yale Campus for a long time.
She attended Hillhouse High School and was married in New Haven. For many years Mrs. Kinney was associated with the New Haven business firm of Kinney & Company, originally specialists in stenographic and secretarial work, in later years a mimeographing, multigraphing, and mailing service. Recently she had conducted an active magazine subscription agency from her Johnson Road home.
She was a longtime resident of Bethany. Although confined to her home in recent years, she had continued her active work and interest in the affairs of Christ Church (of which she was a Member of the Vestry), of the Grange (which she had served as Lecturer and as a member of the Publicity Committee), and of the Republican Town Committee. For some time
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Notice to Bethany Citizens
All persons or organizations in Bethany having suggestions or recommendations concerning projects involving the expenditure of Town Funds in the 1951-1952 Budget are asked to submit such projects to the Selectmen before March 13, so that they may be duly transmittted by the Selectmen to the Board of Finance for consideration.

Building Committee Will Meet To Discuss Town's Capital Needs
Wallace S. Saxton, First Selectman, has announced that there will be a meeting of the Town Building Committee at the Town Hall on Monday, March 19, at 8:00 P.M. This Committee, chosen in accordance with votes passed at the Town Meetings of November 30 and February 20, includes the members of the Board of Selectmen and 26 other citizens, representing the town's various boards and organizations, and is charged with the responsibility of investigating the Town's capital needs and recommending what structures should be erected or remodeled to keep pace with the community's growth.

First & Second Degrees Conferred on Six New Members by Grange
At a regular meeting of the Bethany Grange at the Town Hall last Thursday, First and Second Degrees were taken by six new members: Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Abell, Mr. and Mrs. A. Raymond Johnson, Mrs. Ann Crowley, and Mrs. Margaret Jannick. The meeting was conducted by Past-Master George Howard. The First Degrees were conferred by Master in First Degree, John Campbell of the Middlebury Grange. Sister Bernier, Master of Second Degree, also of the Middlebury Grange, conferred the Second Degrees.

March 1951
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
B -- Bethany
O -- Orange
S -- Seymour
W -- Woodbridge
Thursday, March 8
B -- VFW meeeting, Town Hall.
W -- Warner School PTA, 8:00 P.M.; speaker: Chief Howland.
Saturday, March 10
4-H Favorite Food Shows, New Haven & Waterbury.
Young People's Concert, Woolsey Hall, 2:30 P.M.
Sunday, March 11
W -- American Legion Paper drive; bundles out by 10:00 A.M.
W -- W. Club Workshop play.
Monday, March 12
B -- PTA, Community School, 8:00 P.M.; speaker: Wililam Benedict; movie.
O -- Men's Club, Church, 8:00 P.M.
W -- Social Club, Warner School, 7:30 P.M.; speakers: Messrs. McCarthy & Gill.
Tuesday, March 13
B -- Brownie Girl Scouts, School, 4:00 P.M.
B -- 4-H Boys, home of Harland Tuttle, 7:30 P.M.
O -- Farm Bureau Home Economics group, Town Hall.
O -- Girls' 4-H Club, Home of Mrs. F. J. Hine.
O -- Firemen's Annual Dinner, Church, 7:00 P.M.; speaker: Chief Heinz, New Haven.
Wednesday, March 14
B -- Civil Defense group, Town Hall, 8:00 P.M.
W -- Lenten meeting, Church; speaker: Rev. Stanley E. Anderson.
Coming Events
March 15
B -- Grange, Town Hall.
O -- Ladies Aid bridge-luncheon, Church.
March 16
O -- Jr. Rifle Club, State Championship match, Winchester Club.
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Grand March at Firemen's Ball
Chief Marshal Joe Stankye, of Derby, precedes Fire Chief and Mrs. William L. Hitchcock in the Grand March at the 16th Annual Ball of the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Association in the Town Hall on March 2. Firemen in uniform were present from a number of neighboring towns. (Amity Star photo.)

American Legion Plans Monthly Paper Drives, 3d Annual Variety Show
The members of Woodbridge Post No. 120, American Legion, are planning to conduct monthly paper drives in town, the first of which will come next Sunday, March 11. Those having papers to dispose of are asked to have their bundles out by 10:00 A.M. Collections will be made in all parts of Woodbridge.
The members of the American Legion are planning to celebrate the Legion's 32d birthday with an "Old Timers' Night" at Legion Hall on Monday, March 19. Refreshments will be served, and all members are urged to be present.
The Third Annual Variety Show sponsored by Woodbridge Post No. 120, American Legion, will be presented at the Town Hall on Friday, March 30, beginning at 8:30 P.M. The Georgetown Group, directed by Mr. Sullivan, will again be featured. Tickets are now on sale at $1.20 (tax included) for adults and 60¢ for children.

4-H Week Marked By Much Activity in Area

Free Hundred-Chick Flocks To Be Given Out Saturday Morning
Warren E. Brockett, New Haven County 4-H Club agent, has announced that the Sears, Roebuck Foundation will again offer, free of charge, a limited number of baby chicks, in flocks of 100, to 4-H Club members. The chicks will be distributed on Saturday morning, March 10, at the Hall Brothers hatchery in Wallingford, together with instructions for feeding, care, and management.
Applicants must be between 10 and 20 years of age, have proper housing and equipment for brooding chicks, and agree to maintain records and follow instructions. Five pullets and five cockerels from each flock will be exhibited at the County 4-H Fair in Orange, August 17 and 18. These birds will then be sold, and the proceeds used to start more new poultry club members in business in 1952.
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Leaders' Meeting Held In Middletown Attended By 25
Last Saturday, the Farm Bureau of the State of Connecticut sponsored an all-day meeting for local 4-H Leaders in Middletown. In the morning the Leaders met in the Y.M.C.A. and discussed the problems of their various groups. About 500 persons later attended the banquet given by the Sears Roebuck Foundaiton. Twenty-five New Haven County 4-H Leaders were present. Among them were Mr. and Mrs. John Ross and Mr. Donald Clark of Orange. Mr. Ross is Chairman of the Leaders' Council and Mr. Clark is the President of the County Fair Association. Mrs. Stanley H. Downs of Bethany was in charge of the evening program, which was held in the Masonic Temple. The main speaker of the evening was the Reverend James Gordon Gilkey of Springfield, Massachusetts.

4-H Achievement Prizes Awarded To Three Orange Boys
Three boys from Orange have been awarded blue ribbons and cash prizes for outstanding achievements in 4-H Dairy Club work.
On February 24 Walter Hine, William Sperry, and Walter Bespuda were invited by the Bryant and Chapman -- R. G. Miller & Sons Co. to come to Hartford to see the dairy plant and to attend a dinner at the Hotel Bond.
Walter Hine is in his seventh year of 4-H work. He started with two calves and now is the proud owner of twenty-one registered Holstein cattle. Walter also carried on a turkey project with 75 birds this past fall, and each year has a large vegetable garden. In 1950 he received the 4-H state award in vegetable gardening for planting and harvesting [four?] acres of sweet corn.
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Woodbridge Firemen Hold 16th Annual Ball at Town Hall
The 16th Annual Ball of the Woodbridge Volunteer Fire Association was held at the Town Hall last Friday evening, with a crowd of over 200 persons present. Music was furnished by George Beaton and his Orchestra, and the Grand March was directed by Joseph Stankye of Derby, traditional Chief Marshal at firemen's dances at many locations in the State. Chief William L. Hitchcock and Mrs. Hitchcock led the march, followed by other officers and their wives, Committee Chairman Raymond E. Westlund, Jr., and Mrs. Westlund, other committee members, and guests. Firemen, in colorful uniform, were present from several nearby cities and towns.

Woodbridge Notes
The regular meeting of the William Warner School P.T.A. will take place tonight at 8:00 P.M. in the school auditorium. Chief Kenneth W. Howland will talk about "Civil Defense." The hostesses will be Mrs. Salvatore Pisani, Mrs. Ernest Caccavale, Mrs. Michael Troiano, Mrs. Robert DaLessio, and Mrs. Albino Buccieri.
The Workshop of the Woodbridge Club will give its March play on Sunday, March 11, under the direction of Mike Dewell. There will be no Workshop Play in April, as many of the members are busy working on the full-scale production to be given later in the month.
The Reverend Francis P. Randall will deliver a sermon on "A New Life" at the Copngregational Church service on Sunday morning. At 6:00 P.M. the young people of the Pilgrim Fellowship will meet to hear Mr. Randall talk on "The Meaning Of The Curch."
The Home Economics group of the Woodbridge Farm Bureau will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Town Hall on Tuesday, March 13. The morning will be devoted to "Styles For You." In the afternoon, Mrs. Maria Preston, Home Ex-
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