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Foreword. In compiling this record of the Church Centennial, which was celebrated June 30th to July 2nd, 1905, your committee has been unavoidably handicapped, first by the death of the Church Clerk, Deacon Stiles D. Woodruff, who died April 11th, 1906, and the following year by the death of our beloved Pastor, Rev. Benjamin M. Wright, who died November 17th, 1907. The irreparable loss by death of both of these gentlemen to whom more than any others was due the signal success of our Hundredth Anniversary Celebration, following so closely, left many difficulties in the way of properly compiling this record. At a special meeting of the Orange Ecclesiastical Society held November 21st, 1904, it was voted that we recommend that the church be enlarged by building an addition to the north end, approximately 20 x 24 feet, and that an architect be consulted with regard to the architectural effect and appearance of such an addition. Stiles D. Woodruff, A. D. Clark and H. R. Stevens were appointed a committee of three to carry out the provisions of this vote. Previous to this action of the Ecclesiastical Society, the church at its Annual Meeting held January 14th, 1904, informally discussed the approaching Centennial Anniversary, and the following Committee was appointed by nomination, to take the matter in hand. Deacon S. D. Woodruff, Chairman William C. Russell Deacon E L. Clark, Jr. Arthur D Clark Watson S. Woodruff Rev. B. M Wright Mrs. B. M. Alling Mrs. Watson S. Woodruff Mrs. Walter S. Hine