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ORANGE CONG. CHURCH 19 From the "Sisterhood" By Rev. N. J. Squires, Orange, 30 June, 1905. MR. CHAIRMAN and Brethren of Orange: It is certainly a pleasant duty that falls to my lot this hour. I cannot think of a more pleasant one than to speak, in however an unworthy way, in behalf of the Sisterhood of Churches nearest you. I trust none of you will inquire too sharply into my fitness to do this, above many of my brethren, or ask in too shrill a tone, "By what right or authority I do this?" I confess at the outset that no church of the "sisterhood" in the New Haven west Conference-not even my own--has committed this ministry unto me. Yet I am not here of my own free will. The bishop of Orange commanded me; and who am I, that I should withstand Bishop Wright of Orange? And yet there may have been method in his madness. Are we--he and I--not the "angels" of the two "candlesticks'' appointed by Him Who walks among the candelabra to shed the white light of the Pilgrim faith in this town ? He perched up here upon the roof of things and I down in the yard somewhere! Yea, moreover, I can truly say that it was not until yesterday that I discovered that the coronation of our good brother Marvin of Woodbridge, the latchet of whose shoes, etc., advanced me to the premiership in point of service among all the churches of our Conference, an honor which I suppose no one covets, but s proud to bear, when once achieved.