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ORANGE CONG. CHURCH 25 Letter By Rev. Henry T. Staats. PASADENA, CAL., June 15, 1905. MY DEAR OLD PARISHIONERS AND FRIENDS : My heart warmly responds to your kind invitation to be present with you on this " Centennial " of the Orange Church, but although I am necessarily absent in body from you, be assured I am very near you in spirit and mingle with you in your rejoicing on this glad occasion. I regret exceedingly that a broad continent lies between us at this time, which fact, combined with other circumstances, prevents my meeting with you in those scenes around which cluster recollections which have been to me ever a blessed and abiding inspiration. The memories of the years I spent with you are very sacred to me. I regard them as among the very richest treasures of my life. It would surprise you to know how often I think of the dear members of your church and congregation with whom I was permitted in God's providence to spend six years as a pastor in my early ministry. I see them and commune with them by day, and often in the night in my dreams I am again in the pulpit and preach to them. And the old congregation looks so natural in the pews-the countenances are so familiar and distinct that I know I shall recognize them when I pass over the river and see them in the heavenly land. Because of the special period of my pastorate I have a vision of both the old and new interior of your church edifice. I recall distinctly the appearance of the old interior which had remained unaltered from the building of the church,-the high pulpit reached by a long flight