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FOREWARD [i.e., Foreword]
This volume was prepared in 1978 subsequent to the establishment of the Historic District. Board members at that time were Albert M. Clark III, Ruth Galwey, Richard Mason, Shirley Prown and Hannah Russell. It was revised in 1986 using research material gathered by Elizabeth Gesler, Eleanor Pfeiffer, and Hannah Russell.
The revision describes more carefully the architectural details of each structure and includes data from land records. It would appear that Bryan land extended south from the Congregational Church and that Treat land extended northward. Circa 1800 much land changed hands and it is very difficult to research with a degree of accuracy ownership prior to that date. During the 1800's ownership changed often. Records indicate many homes were mortgaged and the mortgages released soon thereafter. There was also "swapping" of parcels and unrecorded transfers to widows in the death of their spouses. There were different names for the same person (e.g. Jonah, John, Jonathan). There were a number of persons with the same given name in the same family. Descriptions were sometimes vague. Orange Center Road was Main Street after it was a highway; Meeting House Lane was Church Street; and School House Lane was Clark Street and Elizabeth Street. This revised version also contains old maps and a letter.
A copy of this volume has been given to the Town Library.
Donald Clark
Elizabeth Gesler
Richard Mason
Charles Pelizza
Lee Schlesinger
Jerome Rothschild
Susan Wilson
Hannah, Russell, Chairman
July, 1986