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Feb.ry 1st.._ Meeting in 1st Dist. School House, Prayer by Deac. Sidney Pardee, West Haven. Remarks by Ella Thomas,, Deac. Pardee,, Lewis Bradley, and J. S. Pardee. 4 Persons pledged themselves.

Monthly Meeting, Feb. 24th in the Meetinghouse
Prayer was offered by Rev. Mr. Belden, and the meeting addressed by Rev. Mr. Belden & Lewis Bradley. 3 signatures to the Pledge.
Amos H. Alling,, Lewis Bradley,, Wm. J. Grant and Samuel Potter, appointed Delegates to the next County meeting, at Fair Haven.

March 1st._ Meeting held in 3d District, commenced with Prayer by L. Bradley. The cause advocated by amos H. Alling,, S. R. Russell,, S. Potter,, L. Bradley,, & J. S. Pardee.

April 25th. Meeting in the School House, 3d Dist. Prayer offered by Rev. Mr. Belden, and an address by Rev. L. Burleigh. One Signature.