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At the Annual Meeting of the Orange Temperance Society, held in the Meeting House, Nov. 28" 1852, the following Officers were elected for the coming year, viz—
Lewis Bradley,     Pres.
Charles B. Alling,     Vice Pres.
Edward L. Clark,,     2d Do Do
J. Seymour Pardee,     Sec. & Treas.
Ella Thomas|
Elbee J. Treat|
Dwight E. Rogers|
Charles V. Hine|
|Executive Com.
Amos H. Alling|
Leveret J. Clark|
Wm G. Smith|
Charles A. Clark..|
After the annual business, an able address was delivered by Rev. Dillon Williams of Bridgwater [i.e., Bridgewater].
Teh following persons were appointed a committee, to solicit funds for the