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are as follows__ viz__
Benjamin J. Clark,     President.
William G. Smith,     Vice Pres.
Samuel Potter,     Do Do
J. Seymour Pardee, Secretary and Treas.
Voted. That the 3d article of the constitution be so far amended as to change the number of the Executive Com. from eight to three.
Executive Committee—Amos H. Alling.
     Benj. J. Clark.
     Benedict Crofut.
Voted. That the officers of the society see that the requirements of the Constitution are carried out.     Adjourned.
     Attest. J. S. Pardee, Secretary.

Nov. 20" Monthly meeting in the Cong. Church. Opened with singing by the choir, & Prayer by Rev. Mr. Williams. An entertaining Address was delivered by Mr. Charles B. Lines [?], of New Haven. Amount of collection, $1.86.