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Lewis Bradley.. Amos H. Alling & J. Seymour Pardee, were chosen Delegates to the county meeting in North Haven in December next.
Voted, the thanks of the meeting to Mr. Lines for his address.     Ajourned [i.e., adjourned].
     Attest. J. S. Pardee, Secretary.

Jan. 8"     The Society held its monthly meeting in the Cong. ch. Prayer was offered by Rev Mr. Williams. An addrss was delivered by Rev. S. G. Dodd, of Milford.     The collection amounted to $1..02.
Voted. The thanks of the meeting to Mr. Dodd, for his address.
Edward L. Clark,, J. Seymour Pardee,, Wm G. Smith, & Rev. D. Williams, were elected Delegates to County Meeting in Ansonia on Wednesday next.
     Attest. J. Seymour Pardee.