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standing that horse sheds should be built there. Later, in 1870, eleven more men bought enough land from Mr. Clark, so that two more rows of horseshoes were built, running north and south of the first row of sheds.
In 1804, when the church was planned, they also set apart a half-acre of ground to be used as a burial ground; and the first one to be interred there was a baby, whose small headstone bears the following inscription:
''In Memory of Joseph,
child of Joseph and Eunice Treat, who died Nov. 2, 1805, aged 4 mo. 4 days.
Behold the babe the Savior blest
Enjoys the pleasure of his rest.
I'm the 6th descent of this name
And the first buried in this place."
The epitaphs on the earliest headstones are interesting. One wonders why they have such a melancholy tone. Of a young wife they say:
Lucy, wife of Leverett Clark, died Aug. 23, 1847, aged 23 yrs.
''She died as fair ones
Often die, when bridal flowers
Spring around their pathway
but to deck their graves."
Evidently a tired housekeeper was accorded this tribute:
Clarina, wife of Asa Alling, died Apr. 22, 1861, aged 78.
''There shall I bathe my weary soul
In seas of heavenly rest,
And not a wave of trouble roll
Across my peaceful breast."
Of a young girl, they have this sad refrain: Charlotte, daughter of Joseph and Charlotte Prudden
died Aug. 13, 1843, aged 13 yrs.
''Farewell dear friend, here you must lie
But may not I when passing by
Just drop a tear upon thy tomb
Because thy sun has set so soon."