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active interest in all town affairs and were a great addition and asset to the town.
Because of the infirmities of advancing years, Mr. Lee was forced to retire from active life. He passed away on May 9, 1948, a few days after celebrating his ninety-fifth birthday. Mr. Lee was a gentleman of the old school, and although not a native, he was as keenly interested in the welfare of the Town as if he had come down from the founding fathers.
Startling news of war between Germany and France and England dominated the news at this time, but we didn't think it concerned us very much, for Europe seemed so far away. But as events developed, it was found that America was drawn into the conflict.
True to the tradition of the Town, Orange men and women, too, answered the call to the colors.
The names on the Orange Honor Roll, World War I:
Alling, J. Sheldon
Bailey, James P.
Barry, Frank E.
Bohndorf , Alfred G.
Brown, Harold A.
Buttrick, Nathan LeG.
Buttrick, Phillip L.
Busk, Albert L.
Crilto, Nicholas
Clark, Everett B.
Clark, S. Ormund
Czenkus, Tony
Dahl, Charles H.
Hayward, Lawrence H.
Hine, W. Arnold
Jaynes, Harold A.
Johnson, Wm. S.
LeBarnes, Ernest L.
McDermott, George
Merwin, John J., Jr.
Nelson, Lars C.
Olson, George R.
Olson, Raymond T.
Otis, Samuel L.
Pardee, Wm. D.
Pascucelli, Michael
Pascucelli, Henry
Patterson, Wm. S
Peck, Wilbur W.
Peterson, Levi O.
Rasmussen, Jacob
Rourke, Wm. J.
Selnquist, Albin S.
Scharff, Adrian G.
Stevens, Roy R.
Stone, Clifford P.
Treat, Elbee J.
Treat, Howard B.
Woodruff, Stiles D.
Wright, Donald K.
Wright, Stanley B.
Charlotte T. Peck--American Red Cross
Catherine H. Woodruff--Y.M.C.A.
Andrew, Fields J.
Sperry, Russell F.
When the system of drafting men for the armed services was inaugurated by the Government, Watson S.