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ent, thirteen regular teachers, an art teacher, an instructor in music, and two physical education instructors from Arnold College.
Work is now under way constructing a large addition, which, when completed, will change the appearance of the school completely, and, it is hoped, will provide more adequate accommodations for an up-to-date school with the latest equipment.
The Orange Town Court was established in 1929, with Robert J. Woodruff serving as the first Judge and David N. Torrance acting as Prosecutor. These same officers served until 1937, when Herbert L. Emanuelson became the Judge. He was followed by John B. Grant, who was succeeded by Spencer Hoyt. Mr. Torrance held the office of Prosecutor for twenty years. The present officers are budge Thomas O'Sullivan, with John McHugh as Prosecutor. Regular sessions of the court, held each week, dispose of much business.
THE ORANGE POLICE DEPARTMENT When the Town Court was established, it did away with the old system of Justices of the Peace and fees. According to the Statutes, the First Selectman was considered the Chief of Police, unless he chose to appoint a Constable to serve in that capacity. Therefore, Charles E. Stevens was appointed to that position, and served as Chief of Police until 1935, when he was succeeded by Carl A. Peterson.
By charter from the Assembly, the Orange Police Department was incorporated, and on July 1, 1939, Mr. Peterson officially became Chief of Police, with Joseph Cummings as First Assistant. This Department is under control and jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, who appoint all officers. No regular salaried officer on said police force shall have any other gainful occupation. All