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appointed Hea1th officer. Each August a pre-school inspection and inoculation is conducted.
The present officers of the Association are: President, Mrs. Harold Waddle; Secretary, Mrs. Floyd Lindley; Treasurer, Mrs. Harry Olsson.
For a small town, Orange is well supplied with golf clubs, as it has three within the limits of the town. Race Brook Country Club, the oldest and largest golf course in the town, was organized in 1912. One hundred and forty-seven acres of land were purchased, and work on the course and the Club House was actively begun. The grand opening was July 4, 1913. The organizing President was Rollin S. Woodruff, who was promptly succeeded by Frank C. Woodruff. The limit of membership was soon reached, causing a badly congested course on general playing days, such as Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
In 1923 it was decided to enlarge the course by adding eighteen more holes. One hundred and twenty-eight more acres were bought, and after the full eighteen holes were completed, Race Brook became the only Country Club in New England to offer thirty-six holes to its membership. Robert D. Pryde was the first Professional of the Club in 1912, and served in that capacity for about thirty years.
On the maps of Tyler City (as it was hoped it would become) was a section marked ''The Park." This is on a rolling hillside, with a marvelous view, but it remained in its native condition until 1923, when a group of men acquired the property, consisting of eighty-five acres, and laid out a nine-hole golf course on it. This venture did not prove very profitable. As the years passed, these gentlemen lost the property through foreclosure proceedings, and it was acquird [i.e., acquired] by Mr. George H. Woodward,