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cabins, each arranged to accommodate eight campers, , nine summer cabins, a recreation hall, four eating-shelters, an athletic field, a Camp-director's cabin, eight fireplaces, and a dam which provides an excellent swimming pool. The age for campers is 17 years, but adults are accommodated in week-end groups. The latter provision makes it possible for many girls who work in factories and who live in over-crowded tenements to have at least a few days of fresh air and fun.
There is no charge for camping facilities abilities; all the camper need bring is food, and a stay of two reeks is permitted. Because they took away one of the popular ''swimming holes'' of the young people of Orange, arrangements have been made whereby the visitors vacate the pool for a couple of hours daily, and then the residents of Orange take over in goodly numbers.
The horse, which used to be a necessity, has disappeared appeared from our streets, excepting as it is used for recreation. The Orange Riding Stables are maintained on the former Halliwell property to offer this kind of exercise to lovers of this sport.
The Orange Branch of the New Haven Chapter of the American Red Cross was started just prior to the First World War, and did much very active work under the leadership of the Chairman, Mrs. Benjamin M. Wright, during the War. After an interim of a few years, the Branch was re-organized in 1937, when Mrs. Allan K. Poole became the Chairman. All through the years of World War II, the Town Hall was taken over for one or two days every week by this very busy group of women, featuring surgical dressings and production work of all kinds.