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In the opinion of Mr. Wilson H. Lee, as well as others, it seemed desirable that a history of the town of Orange should be compiled. In fact, the children of the eighth Grade of the Orange Center School felt it so keenly that they did some research work themselves, and presented it in a very creditable manner when they graduated from the Grammar School in June, 1946.
At a Town Meeting held in October, 1945, Spencer Hoyt, Paul Wright, Edward L. Clark, and Wilson H. Lee were appointed a committee to consider the subject. This committee presented a favorable report at the Town Meeting held in March, 1946, and recommended that the Selectmen be authorized to have such a book published, and that the material be assembled by the present writer. This recommendation was adopted.
The person most eminently fitted to compile such a record was Edward L. Clark, but he was not physically able to attempt it. He graciously allowed his manuscript of recollections to be used, and without his valuable help and suggestions, this story could hardly have been written. It is most deeply regretted that he did not live long enough to check it for historical accuracy. A great debt of appreciation for their valuable fund of facts and anecdotes is gratefully acknowledged to the following persons: Mrs. Frederick C. Sperry, Mrs. Charles S. Clark, Mrs. Henry H. Peck, Arthur D. Clark, Walter S. Hine, Dwight E. Russell, Mrs. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Clark, and Robert J. Woodruff. Since West Haven published a history of that part of the town in 1940, this volume is confined, exclusively, to the northern part of the town.